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Alfabet FastLane

Alfabet FastLane - Deliver smart IT solutions faster

If your business is like most, your IT landscape has grown really complicated—and hard to understand. Help is here: Alfabet FastLane, a simple, straightforward and ready-to-use IT portfolio management solution in the cloud. Get the insights you need about your IT to quickly meet business demands while creating the foundation for a well-run IT portfolio management practice.

Our FastLane FastStart service comprises:


  • Define & Document EA Processes - Make the solution sustainable

  • Solution Oriented Approach - Focus on answering the critical questions

  • Data Governance - Set-up internal controls

  • Staff Augmentation  - Data Gathering, transforming and loading

  • Coaching - Onboard and make users productive

  • Align IT architecture to business - Show value to business

Software AG Alfabet

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