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Enterprise Architecture, Software AG Alfabet

Alfabet helps IT decision-makers make better IT investment decisions and reduce transformational risks by understanding when, where, how and why to make changes in the IT portfolio. It links the interdependent perspectives of IT, business, finance and risk for “whole view” analysis of how IT can support business change.

Enterprise architecture capabilities build the necessary foundation with an accurate, real-time picture of the IT landscape – including all applications and technologies, the inter-relationships between them, the information they exchange as well as the business capabilities and processes they support.

Sunrise Solutions is a Software AG partner with years of expertise implementing and supporting Alfabet at Fortune .

FastLane - Preconfigured, cost-effective SaaS solution, addressing the most critical aspects of your  IT Portfolio with the answers to business relevant questions. 

Enterprise - All Alfabet features, implemented with a custom accelerator.

Alfabet Refresh - We update your Alfabet system, enabling new features, revitalizing your users' experience.

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